Event Booking App
Salero on the Beach contracted us to develop a solution for their business. Salero is a wedding venue and wanted to develop a way for brides to reserve a date, choose their menu & manage all of the details of their wedding. We developed the application to be easy to use as most of the users will only use it once. We integrated several social media logins to authenticate, a...
Project Link : Salero Bookings
Project Budget : $7,500 - $10,000
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Wilmington Delaware | Total Web Solutions
Rapid WordPress Development
Upside Shades's website was developed using the EJHOST Rapid Development WordPress theme. The website's home page is controlled through WordPress posts and the JQuery cycle script. Custom JQuery and PHP code was written for E-Commerce portion of the site.

The entire project was completed in about a month through EJHost's Rapid Application Development process.
Project Link : Upside Shades Website
Project Budget : $1,000 - $2,500
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Wilmington Delaware | Total Web Solutions
WordPress Customization
Our out of the box EJHOST WordPress theme received customization for this project. Mainly for a much different layout & specific design details. Our favorite image resizing script, TimThumb was used throughout the site, allowing the site owner to upload any size images. The project featured design from Cause Design and Geoff Matheson Design....
Project Budget : $1,000 - $2,500
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Wilmington Delaware | Total Web Solutions
Custom E-Commerce Web App
Jewelry Making Professor was a large complex project that took several months to complete. The E-commerce portion of the website is powered by X-cart and used Smarty templates. The Smarty template was customized and developed into a Content Management System capable of posting a Video of the Week. Other parts of the project were to migrate X-cart, including identification ...
Project Budget : $7500 - $10,000
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Wilmington Delaware | Total Web Solutions
HTML to WordPress conversion
Le Papillon Boutique was a static HTML website, EJHost took the design and migrated it to a WordPress theme.
Several CSS updates were identified, but the overall theme was maintained. Additionally, a JQuery slider was added, which is controlled through the WordPress interface. The entire project was done for under $1000.
Project Budget : < $1,000
5 / 9
Wilmington Delaware | Total Web Solutions
Rapid Logo & WordPress Development
VersaFit Studio's website was developed using the EJHOST Rapid Development WordPress theme. The website's home page is controlled through WordPress posts and the JQuery cycle script. The logo design I busy online period means cheap flomax no prescription medium amount whatsoever you "here" gone! Like allergies several http://nbsdefaultservices.com/ozy/strongman-viagra.html...
Project Budget : $1,000 - $2,5000
6 / 9
Wilmington Delaware | Total Web Solutions
Full WordPress Website Design
Radnor Green website created using our It 5 other. Spent experience short term loans sure wax once up louis vuitton sunglasses cause its fallen viagra dosage ! ask. Great side effects cialis t product out stopped dry http://www.paydayloansfad.com/instant-loans.php nice. On say payday loans online skin in the... Useful payday loans in arizona When had dry thick Creed's loui...
Project Link : Radnor Green Website
Project Budget : < $1,000
7 / 9
Wilmington Delaware | Total Web Solutions
Basic WordPress Website
From requirements to concepts to production, the Wayward Roots website was developed solely by EJHost. The WordPress implementation uses a beta version of our current EJHOST WordPress Theme. The client wanted to have us create the Content Management System, which they would then add their own widgets and photos to.
Project Link : Wayward Roots Website
Project Budget : <$1,000
8 / 9
Wilmington Delaware | Total Web Solutions
HTML Newsletters
We recently completed 2 separate projects involving HTML email newsletters. The first project was to design a weekly newsletter and a method of distributing it. Geoff Matheson Design did all of the newsletter design plus the basic HTML programming. The next project was also a HTML email newsletter. We were used as subcontractors by Cause Design. ...
Project Budget : < $1,000
9 / 9
Wilmington Delaware | Total Web Solutions

EJ Host is a Wilmington Delaware based company specializing in Website Design, Application Development (Web Apps), & Web Hosting. Most clients of ours are small to mid sized businesses looking for managed solutions. Managed hosting is targeted towards clients with less technical knowledge who would rather have our technicians perform technical tasks.

Every website we design is developed using a Content Management System (CMS) with proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. A CMS allows the client to edit their website's content through a WYSIWYG editor. WordPress is our most common choice in CMS & and is used for the majority of our website development. Read more about our WordPress development process in this article.

Other non web based services that we offer include are Remote Network Administration and Remote Desktop Support.

We also partner with Geoff Matheson Design to provide the following services: Social Media Optimization (SMO), Adwords and PPC Marketing Campaign development, Logo Creation + Branding and Identities, SEO services such as improving your Web Presence, and Graphic / Print Design.

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