Advanced WordPress functionality

Most websites should not just have bunch of pages with unrelated content. Almost all websites need to have a set, group or list of data that makes up a collection. A collection can be things like News articles, Events, Testimonials, Blog articles, and image slideshows.

Why are we bringing this up in a WordPress related post?
Simple. WordPress provides a superior way to itemize your collection of data.

Although there are several ways to do this within WordPress, we typically use the built in category classification. This allows us to assign our types of items to these different categories. We then display these items in specific places within the website. Just look how we’ve displayed the most recent blog posts on the home page.

The site owner can control list based content within WordPress by simply adding it to a specific category. We use the custom field area to provide variables where information related to the item is stored. We can give these items custom attributes such as images, links, names, dates, and other textual information.

All of this is transparent to the site owner (end user) and we’ll provide training and a manual if necessary. Our goal is to create an easy to use interface that requires no training.

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