Jewelry Making Professor – X-cart Migration & Customization

The Jewelry Making Professor (JMP) project was so massive we have to break it up into to separate projects. The first project dealt with the structures and architecture of the website.

JMP uses X-cart for e-commerce. When we started the project, the X-cart version was 4.2.1. We needed to migrate all of the data and data structures into the newest version of X-cart, 4.4.3.

All of X-cart’s data also needed to be up to date at the time of the production move up, so we needed to document how to execute the conversion during the production move up. The results were pages upon pages of SQL queries and data structure manipulation.

After the X-cart 4.2.1 structure and data was formatted for 4.4.3, we made the connections to the application. Now it was time to add our database tables for our custom Video of the Week / Featured Product application. These tables were added and our custom PHP code deployed and we extended the functionality of X-cart to include management for the Video of the Week and the Featured Product.

Once we were ready for production deployment, the move took over 7 hours and resulted in about 15 hours of total bug fixes. However we regarded the production move as highly successful as we were able to launch JMP 2.0 on day 1 and not look back.

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