WordPress Development Process

There are a lot of references to WordPress within our website and portfolio page. If you are reading this then you probably know what WordPress is, or at least you have an idea of what it does.

ong>If you are unfamiliar with WordPress, here is a brief description:

WordPress is a flexible, intuitive website Content Management System. A Content Management System (CMS) allows the customer to control the website’s content without any programming knowledge. Typically this is done through a WYSIWYG interface. WordPress also provides the client intuitive control to add / remove pages and reorganize the menu. Clients also can also add images within the content. EJ Host also custom tailors WordPress’ content management on a per client basis. This gives the client the ability to update specific parts of the website.

Search for WordPress designers or developers and you will see thousands of results.

How does EJ Host stand out?

We stand out from our competition by developing our WordPress websites the same way we develop all websites, with XHTML and CSS . We start with analysis and research to formulate a design with you. We graduate these ideas and concepts to create a design. This design is then developed to a WordPress theme.

Our Competition

Most other “WordPress designers” have no idea how the inner workings of WordPress actually work, nor do they care. These designers either use WordPress theme templates or are using themes as a guideline to dictate their layout.

Our Competitive Edge

We only use WordPress as a Content Management System – all of our layouts are custom designed and then integrated into WordPress. We use CSS and XHTML to control the look of the site. The content is then filled in by WordPress. We have in depth WordPress knowledge which allows us to use WordPress functionality without having to settle on any out of the box design. So when we create your website, we can design it to any specification and then integrate it into WordPress.

Why do we use WordPress

There are many other pieces of software that perform many of the same functionality as WordPress such as Joomla, Sharepoint, Drupal, and PHP Nuke.

Why do we use WordPress?

  • WordPress is very intuitive for the client to use with a short learning curve
  • WordPress is an active and widely used product that is constantly updated, improved, and refined.
  • WordPress offers your revision history which allows the author to recover a prior version of any page or post within the website
  • WordPress has great Search Engine Optimization capabilities, including search friendly links and W3C compliant code
  • Modular design allows developer to include or exclude as much code as necessary
  • Ability to integrate other technologies such as AJAX, JQuery, Flash, Janrain and Ruby on Rails
  • Unbelievable amount of plugins available to extend functionality

Read about advanced WordPress functionality here

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