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Website design & development HTML, ASCII, and ISO-8859-1 codes can be difficult or impossible to remember. W3 Schools is a great website with references to almost anything you’d ever need when programming. They not only provide a great reference guide, they do a great job of explaining and providing examples. Use the following design / development / html references next time you’re developing a website

Website Design / Development / HTML References

HTML ISO-8859-1 Reference

ASCII reference

HTML symbols

HTML URL Encoding

SEO – Designing the perfectly optimized webpage

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While on the hunt to become the best Search Engine Optimization & Website Design and Development specialist possible, I came across this article on SEOmoz

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about “building the perfect page”. Of course since this article is on SEOmoz, it has to do with SEO and keyword targeting. This is a fairly advanced article, but even SEO novices may enjoy reading it for tips to point them in the right website design direction.

SEO stuff: Writing effective Alternative Text ‘Alt Text’

For Search Engine optimization and good website standards, the Alt property in an image needs to be properly tagged. How can a website designer or developer best /most effectively write Alternative text for images. The following link is an in depth article outlining the appropriate use of Alt Text. Web designers, developers, SEO folks, enjoy!!

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