Social Bookmarking / Media SEO Values

We found this PDF showing relative values of many of the top social media venues and uses. All of the top social bookmarking and media sites can be very useful, but in different ways. We can show you how to leverage these social media site to raise your online presence and increase SEO ranking. We have to credit for the original PDF displaying the SEO value, the traffic value, etc.

Hosting & SEO Services Special

EJHost Knows Hosting

EJHost is currently running a special on hosting. Our hosting Quick Plans, normally costing $10 / month have been reduced by 50% to $5 / month through August 7th, 2010. Please use the code: AUGHOST to take advantage of this hosting special.

EJ Host Loves SEO!

In addition to the hosting special, EJHost is also currently running a SEO services special. SEO means Search Engine Optimization. Have your site analyzed and a proposal put together for FREE! Just use our contact form and send us your site name and some background about your business. Together we can put together a plan of SEO your site and to increase your online presence. EJHost’s SEO services typically start around $700, however it is possible to focus on parts of SEO for much less. We will work with any budget and have put together many successful campaigns for varying budgets. Make sure you mention you saw our special.

Unlike some of our competitors, we do not try to package our SEO services into plans like you can for hosting. Whereas hosting has clearly defined services, SEO services shouldn’t be broadly defined and each business is truly unique. We will do the legwork to find who your customers are and how to appeal to those customers. While it is difficult to explain the inner workings of SEO, it IS extremely important to provide clear quantifiable goals. The mechanics behind SEO vary greatly site to site and really are dependent on each business’ goals. Read more about SEO using the EJHost method here.

Need SEO, get Hosting for Free!

We will also provide 1 year free hosting with the purchase of any SEO package.

Delaware Website Design

EJ Host is looking for new website design and development jobs in the Claymont / Wilmington Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland and Philadelphia metropolitan surrounding area. We have built websites for new businesses in need of a brand and identity, businesses who currently have websites but are in need of a website redesign, businesses who need a brand redesign and relaunch, businesses who need only minor changes to their current design, copy, content, or code, and custom web applications, including Intranet, Extranet, and online public and private website applications. Other projects include Search Engine

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Optimization for existing websites, creation of a Content Management System (CMS), incorporating a Flash slideshow, adding web 2.0 widgets, such as forums, blogs, and other interactive sections to websites. We are located in Claymont Delaware, outside of Wilmington Delaware in the greater Philadelphia and New Jersey area. We hope that you use our contact form on our website, or call us today

New Website Link Directory

Thanks to Directory Press our new online website directory is complete. Our new online directory is much improved over our old link directory in several ways. The most important may be from a SEO standpoint, as certain spider / crawler bots couldn’t correctly crawl our prior link architecture. Every website in our new online link directory uses search engine friendly urls. Our new directory also has improved architecture and increased usability. Check out the new online website directory here. Feel free to add your site if you fit into one of our categories. Check back soon for more exciting link directory news!!