We use very high security settings with our hosting server that we’ve developed over using cPanel for over 10 years. One of these settings is to use https (SSL) for all connections.

If you’re not familiar with the difference between http and https,  the basic concept is that https encrypts all data between your browser and the server it is sending to. So if someone is @ a public wifi setting and a “unscrupulous” individual is monitoring the network packets, they cannot view your passwords / logins / personal details because it is all encrypted. If you use http everything is sent in plain text over the network and anything you’re sending is fair game for someone sniffing the network packets.

We don’t see the need to pay for a 3rd party SSL certificate for every https connection when we can generate our own. Each SSL cert can cost $100 / year & is only valid for a specific host name on a specific ip.

Instead we use our own shared SSL cert. Downside is that none of the browsers recognize it, and hence they show this “warning”. Reason is that the browser doesn’t know if they can trust ejhost.com. They can’t tell the difference between a SSL cert issued by https://ejhost.com and https://stealyouridentity.com, so it defaults to showing you this warning.

We could disable “use https” and the warning would go away, but then now all of your information is now unencrypted.

To remove the “warning” you can trust our SSL cert, on IE9, with instructions found here –> http://superuser.com/questions/307062/ie9-permanently-accept-untrusted-certificate


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