Today’s Gmail allows users to setup multiple mail accounts within a single Gmail account. This means that all of your personal, work, and other email can be sent and received using 1 Gmail login.

Gmail can be the perfect all in one solution for email. Currently, each user is given over 7 GB of space, with the ability to upgrade as necessary. Even a high traffic user can expect to store over 5 years of mail, which is search able and accessible at any time.

At the core of its functionality is its web based interface. By existing as a web based service, any web enabled device can connect and view the same inbox. Additionally, Gmail can be constantly upgraded by Google behind the scenes, with little or no downtime. Gmail’s search functionality is second to none, allowing the user to broaden or narrow their search as needed.

Our favorite feature of Gmail is its ability to receive and send mail through other mail servers. This means that Gmail can connect to your mail servers the same way as a traditional desktop application.

If you are using Gmail without sending would send your mail through the Gmail servers. By doing so the mail headers show that the sender’s domain and the mail server’s DNS records do not match. This typically sets off a red flag on spam filters nowadays and can cause deliverability issues.

Since we are setting up Gmail to send each mail account’s email through its domain mail server, all your email will be routed through the proper mail server. The ensures that there are no deliverability issues as outlined above.

One of the problems with a web based system is that you need to be online to view your email. This issue is avoided by using Gmail’s IMAP servers to sync your desktop or mobile mail application with Gmail. Additionally this allows the user to setup and deploy Gmail from traditional desktop mail applications such as Apple Mail, Outlook or Thunderbird.

Both incoming and sent mail can be setup so they are tagged by filters, which can place email into specific folders. These folders are available underneath the aggregate inbox and allow the user to check specific email accounts.

There are a few tricks to optimizing your Gmail and EJHost will be happy to assist you in getting setup. Please contact us today for more information or how you can be switched over to a Gmail platform.

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